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Hogwarts is our home. 2/?

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Wit beyond measure, is man’s greatest treasure.

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Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

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lily evans running into class late and out of breath and saying “sorry im late i was… doing stuff.” james potter swaggering in after her and saying “im

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every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

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HEADCANON: 12-year-old Sirius Black only knows about “time of the month” in affiliation to werewolves because of Remus so when he overhears Marlene McKinnon talking to the other 2nd year girls about her “time of the month” he immediately corners Marlene after and politely asks if she’s a werewolf. This is how Sirius a) gets slapped and b) gets a lesson on the female anatomy.

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“To Harry Potter – the boy who lived!”

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Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)

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Harry Potter film series part 12

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a gryffindor will die for you

a slytherin will kill for you

a ravenclaw will figure out a solution where no one dies

a hufflepuff will be sitting next to you in the after life going “could have been worse”

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