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that’s because you have skinny, pretty white girl privilege. Your deep knowledge of nerdy topics is esoteric and cute. Mine is obsessive and strange. Your personality quirks are endearing. Mine are weird. When you wear clothes that make you happy, you are chic and bohemian. When I wear clothes that make me happy, I’m that weirdo fat chick with bad fashion sense. So, y’know. Excuse me for wanting to punch both you and your character in the face whenever you whine about how nobody accepts you. no… everybody accepts you. You’re what a geek girl is “supposed” to be. YOU’re the one the guys want to talk to, and the rest of us, since we don’t meet some minimal standard of cute, are seen neither as dating material nor as even friend material, and worth their time in a conversation. Sorry this is a bunch of bitterness toward “quirky” girls and our perception/treatment of them, at the expensive of OTHER girls don’t fit the supermodel mold. 

Seriously. I cannot convey my feelings any better than you have already done. I’m so fucking sick of the awkward geek girl who is perfect in her awkward geekiness, because she’s cute.

See above. Yes. That’s how I feel. It’s like she exists, so the rest of us aren’t real people with legitimate interests and strengths and weaknesses and talents and shit. Because we’re great, but we’re not the awkward ingenue. 

I cannot agree more with this post.

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